5 Things to Do When in Portugal

Portugal is an exciting place to visit at any time of the year. If you are a lover of the coast environment, your desires can be well catered when you visit this country. Portugal lies in the coastal line stretching along 800 kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, sits at the entrance of the most famous river named the Majestic Tagus River.

At any time, you visit Portugal do not fail to do the following five things.

1.    Visit Mosteiro dos Jeronimos 

Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos is located in Lisbon and is one of the most essential and tallest tourist attractions building in Portugal. The building is home a Portuguese church make in Manueline style. 

The interior of the building is ornately decorated especially the sections known as the South Portal. At the building, you can find graceful cloisters and monuments such as the Poet Luis de Camoes and the famous tomb of Vasco de Gama.

2.    Visit the Ocenario de Lisboa 

The Ocenario de Lisboa is the very place to visit, especially if you’re on vacation with kids. The location is set aside to educate the public on marine conservation. 

At the Ocenario de Lisboa, you will come across the most spectacular natural aquarium with almost all type of ornament fishes in the world. Additionally, Ocenario de Lisboa has four different ecosystems divided geographically to represent Atlantic, Indian Ocean, the Antartic, and the famous Pacific. Among the sea creatures, you will also find in this place are sharks, penguins, rays, and the sea otters.

3.    Palacio Nacional de Sintra 

This is a beautiful central square and acts as a national Palace of the Sintra. The building was erected in the 14th century, has massive protruding chimneys and stands as the oldest palace in Portugal. The house host ornately decorated floors where every decoration represents a different theme. When you enter the building, ensure you check the 72 coats of arms that are displayed inside.

4.    Convento de Cristo 

When in Portugal, you can’t fail to visit this place. Convento de Cristo is a building that is wrapped splendor and mysterious mystery. Knight Templar used the building between 12th until 16th centuries. Today, the building act as an attraction site to persons who would love to see ancient artifact Knight Templars.  

5.    Climb up the Torre de Belem 

The Torre de Belem is located in Belem district in Lisbon and is an iconic tower build in 1521. This building was built to provide guard and as a watchtower from invasion by enemies coming from River Tagus.  

Torre de Belem was established using the Manueline style and well covered with picture façade. When you visit this place, make sure not to miss the experience of maritime touches which is curved into a stone-like rope or an armillary sphere.  


While in Portugal, you can’t exhaust tourist destination sites. The country is just another heaven on earth to people who like traveling and hiking. 

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